San Francisco’s Clarion Alley

Thank you Dawn Starin for the piece in The Progressive:


By Dawn Starin

Clarion Alley is a passageway just 560 feet long and 15 feet wide running between San Francisco’s Mission District’s 17th and 18th streets, connecting Mission Street with Valencia Street.

The walls of the passageway are lined with murals painted by members of the Clarion Alley Mural Project, a collective of artists and organizers determined to give a voice to the struggles of those who are often invisible or ignored. As Megan Wilson, a visual artist and president of the board of directors, told me, CAMP is “dedicated to giving a voice to marginalized and disenfranchised communities, putting social justice first and foremost.”

Founded in 1992, CAMP originally drew inspiration from the district’s long-standing political activism and the renowned Balmy Alley murals. CAMP has been an active supporter of over 500 artists creating over 700 murals across these walls.