Meet the Awesome Team Behind the Manifest Differently Project – Veronica Torres, Social Media & Communications Specialist/Artist

Veronica Torres, Manifest Differently Social Media/Communication Specialist, is an abstract artist with over three decades of experience. She employs a mixed-media approach, often featuring pen, ink, and gold foil flakes in her work. Her creative process is fueled by a diverse range of influences, including her own life experiences, Mexican culture, Goth-Subculture, and music. As a mental health advocate, Veronica sees art as a powerful tool for healing, self-expression, and disrupting the male gaze. Her artistic philosophy is summed up by her belief that society’s labeled imperfections are an integral part of artistic life, and it is precisely these flaws that make life and art so unique and compelling.

Veronica is an alumna of Cal State East Bay, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, with an emphasis on strategic communication. Her academic career has strongly shaped her focus on public relations, marketing, and advertising, aligning her professional pursuits with her passion for artistic expression.

Led by CAMP,  Manifest Differently is a new project developed by Megan Wilson and Kim Shuck. Over the next year, 2023/24, we’ll be working together with 38 diverse, multigenerational visual/media artists and poets to interrogate the history of Manifest Destiny and its legacies of inherited and perpetuated violence, trauma, and addiction. The outgrowth of resistance and resilience – giving fire to movements for social/ culture change. The project will be presented in 2023/24 at three locations – Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP), Artists’ Television Access (ATA), and Minnesota Street Project.