Aysia Tiger, Jessica Yu, Mariana Rodriguez, Melody Sandoval, Poppy Gallegos-Zingarelli, Shakty Angeles, Clarion Alley, Mission District, San Francisco, 2021

Resilience by Aysia Tiger, Melody Sandoval, Jessica Yu, Poppy Gallegos-Zingarelli, Shakty Angeles, and Mariana Rodriguez, former students and one current Junior from The Academy SF high school. Organized by artist Max Allbee, the youth worked together to design and paint the mural with the intention to honor and acknowledge the resilience of Latinx families and experiences of young people in San Francisco’s Mission District during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We wanted to appreciate the essential workers that have continued to put their lives on the line in order for us to feel a sense of normalcy.

In addition, the youth created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $3,000 to support the work.