Penny Stamps Distinguished Visitors Series, University of Michigan

In fall 2003 CAMP co-directors Megan Wilson and Aaron Noble were invited to participate as visiting artists with the Penny Stamps Distinguished Visitor Series at the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design.

Wilson and Noble spent two days meeting with and consulting a coalition of community members who were leading the project Art in the Alley in South Detroit in collaboration with the Harms Elementary Project in Southwest Detroit. The community coalition gave Wilson and Noble a tour of Harms Elementary School and a tour of the neighborhood alley project created entirely by the residents living in the community. The exchange was very useful for sharing best practices and experiences for each project – Harms Elementary Mural Project and Clarion Alley Mural Project.

Art in the Alley, Detroit, Michigan, 2003

On November 20th Noble and Wilson presented a lecture on their individual works and their work with Clarion Alley Mural Project to a packed house at the historic Michigan Theater. The following day Wilson and Noble met one-on-one with graduate students to view and discuss their work and provide critiques. Several graduate students also provided Noble and Wilson with a tour of art spaces in Detroit and Ann Arbor, including the amazing Heidelberg Project in Detroit.

Penny Stamps Speaker Series, Michigan Theater



Tour of Ann Arbor and Detroit:

Established with the generous support of alumna Penny W. Stamps, the Speaker Series brings respected innovators from a broad spectrum of fields to the School to conduct a public lecture and engage with students, faculty, and the larger University of Michigan and Ann Arbor communities.

Many thanks to Jim Cogswell (Associate Professor, Director of the Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Visitors Program in 2003, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, School of Art & Design, University of Michigan in 2016), School of Art and Florence and Frank Bush Professor of Art, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2016), Kate West (Associate Director of Communications, School of Art & Design in 2003; Director of Communications in 2016), Ceci Mendez (graduate student in Art Design at University of Michigan in 2003; Director of the Center for Art and Community Partnership, MassArt in 2016), the Harms Elementary Art in the Alley Project, and the 2003 graduate students at the School of Art & Design, University of Michigan.