Desa Geneng Yogyakarta Indonesia (2015)

Megan Wilson, “Menjamin Kesejahteraan Untuk Semua,” Geneng Street Art Project, Yogyakarta Indonesia, 2015



In October / November 2015 Clarion Alley Mural Project artists and organizers Megan Wilson and Christopher Statton were honored to be invited to participate in the Geneng Street Art Project in Yogyakarta Indonesia, organized by Ruang Kelas SD.

Introduction to Curatorial Process
By Rain Rosidi

The Geneng Street Art Project uses the umbrella of street art to be applied to township residents in the area Geneng, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul. Street art is slipped in public spaces, and presents itself in a form that is different from the conventional indoor art galleries. Techniques commonly used in street art include graffiti stencils, murals, wheatpaste, art posters, sticker art, street installations and lock-on sculpture. Additionally video projections are being seen more frequently in street art production.

Geneng Street Art Project invites artists from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas to work together with the township residents and to communicate and interact creatively with the villagers. Geneng villages are primarily agriculture-based, with the majority of its longtime and former residents who are, or were farmers. Over the past several years the community has undergone a shift in land use of the area, resulting in longtime members of the community who have begun to sell their land to new residents or developers for the construction of housing complexes, colleges, restaurants, and shopping centers. With the advent of these new developments the residents who have moved into the area are often from different cultural backgrounds, languages, and ethnicities. Many who rent a house in the village also rent a dorm room as students at the nearby ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia). Additionally, some of the villagers in Geneng are creating new businesses to serve the arrival of the newcomers. As rice farming has begun to decrease, the plots of land have been replaced by houses, shops, boarding houses, restaurants, and so on. In general the culture of the people of Yogyakarta is very friendly and open to newcomers, including the new relationships that have developed with the artists and organizers of the Geneng Street Art Project.

The Geneng Street Art Project is using as much wall space as possible – on homes and businesses – for artists to work with the community / residents to convey messages that reflect the hopes and concerns of the villagers and to provide an opportunity to cultivate dialogs within the existing and new communities and amongst disparate groups.

Artists who have participated in the Geneng Street Art Project have included:
Ahmad Idham, Alex TMT, Anagard, Angga/ Ngelangut, Bio, Chitra Ananda Lasalle College of the art Singapore, Christopher Statton, Christophorus Andika Tungul Yuda, DDF (Diskom Drawing Foundation), DS 13, Eggbal Alditio, Farhan Siki, Guerrilas, HereHere, HMJ Kriya, FSR, Ismu feat Dodi, Kukomikan Land, Listiono, LoveHateLove, Media Legal, Megan Wilson, Methodos, Nano Warsono, Naufal Abshar Lasalle College of the art Singapore, NK Enka, Oka Randy Mahendra, Reza Aryanda, Rizky Akbar, Ruang Kelas SD, Sasenitala, Subekti Suban, Santoso, Taring Padi, Uno Cask, Wahyu Eko Prasetyo, Wormfomb or Ied, and Zent Prozent

Christopher Statton and Nano Warsono
Air Sumber Kehiduan, Bukan Untuk Kerakusan!
Geneng Street Art Project #3

Christopher Statton and Nano Warsono, "Air Sumber Kehiduan, Bukan Untuk Kerakusani, " Geneng Street Art Project #3, 2015
Christopher Statton and Nano Warsono, “Air Sumber Kehiduan, Bukan Untuk Kerakusan!, ” Geneng Street Art Project #3, 2015

Megan Wilson
Menjamin Kesejahteraan Untuk  Semua
Geneng Street Art Project #3




Geneng Street Art Project