Archives 2021


Clarion Alley Mural Project regularly hosts community events to celebrate new CAMP murals by artists who share CAMP’s vision for social and economic justice. These works are often created in conjunction with community-based organizations partnering with CAMP to provide a platform in support of social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. CAMP also collaborates with community organizations to host events and performances.&nbsp

Community Gatherings, Celebrations and Events in 2021 included:

Wall + Response

What We Want!

What We Want! (2011) by Emory Douglas/Black Panther Party / remix by CUBA, Unity, MACE reflects the legacy of the Black Panthers and their core work towards social, political, racial, economic, and food justice. The mural, based on a design by Emory Douglas with elements from the Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Program is a remix painted by graffiti artists CUBA (Clarence Robbs), Unity (David Petrelli), and MACE (Alex Douhovnikoff). The artists ensure the work is maintained and periodically add messaging based on critical needs of the moment. These gestures of care and thoughtfulness reflect the intent of the original work and support the ongoing movement to secure the demands stated in What We Want Now!


Affordable Housing / Vivienda Asequible

Affordable Housing/Vivienda Asequible (2016) by the SF Print Collective working with the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) represents people working together against the structures of oppression to become a powerful force of nurturance, peace, and justice. The mural speaks to WRAP’s critical work to expose and eliminate the root causes of homelessness and poverty, empower communities to demand protection of civil and human rights, and advocate for restoring federal funding for affordable housing.


The Arab Liberation Mural

The Arab Liberation Mural / Will To Live (2018) by Art Forces, Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC), and Arab Youth Organizing (AYO) celebrates and honors the lives of six Arab leaders: Rasmea Odeh, Mehdi Ben Barka, Naji Diafullah, Leila Khaled, Basel Al Araj, and Yasser Mortaja. The mural manifests and expresses the resilience and resistance of the Bay Area community to attacks on freedom and liberties of Arab, Muslim, people of color, immigrants and refugees. Wall + Response condemns the ongoing violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Gaza by the state of Israel and stands in solidarity with those fighting occupation and in support of the global movement for the Palestinian right of return.