Sama-Sama/Together Book

Following the Sama-Sama/Together exchange and residencies CAMP and Apotik Komik began to create a book for the project. It took two additional years of compiling materials, editing, designing, and final production to create the limited edition (1000 copies) full color 152-page book that was published in April of 2006 by Jam Karet Press.


An international exchange project between Yogyakarta and San Francisco

Published by:  Jam Karet Press

Copyright: Apotik Komik – CAMP 2006, ISBN 0-9766182-7-3

Editor: Aaron Noble

Designer: Arie Dyanto

Contributing Writers: Megan Wilson, Ade Tanesia, Kevin Chen, Arie Dyanto, Arya Panjalu, Samuel Indratma, Nano Warsono, Aaron Noble, Carolyn Castaño, Carolyn Ryder Cooley, Courtney Fink

Translator: Sigit Jatmiko

Photographers: Roni Wibowo, Megan Wilson

Printer: Cahaya Timur Offset