Sama-Sama/Together Yogyakarta

In July 2003, six artists in conjunction with CAMP  (Carolyn Castaño, Carolyn Ryder Cooley, Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble, Andrew J. Schoultz, and Megan Wilson) traveled to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to work with artists from the collective Apotik Komik (Samuel Indratama, Arie Dyanto, Nano Warsono, and Arya Panjalu). Over five and a half weeks, the San Francisco artists met several dozen members of the arts and greater community in Yogyakarta and painted large-scale murals throughout the city, had lunch with the Yogyakarta mayor and his staff, and cultivated relationships with the artists from Apotik Komik that became the heart of the project.

Aaron Noble, “Matahari,” 2003

Alicia McCarthy, “Nobody’s Home,” 2003:

Andrew Schoultz, “Imaga,” 2003

Carolyn Castaño, “Gadis-Gadis,” 2003 :


Carolyn Ryder Cooley, “Captive Hearts,” 2003


Megan Wilson “Bungas,” 2003


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