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Clarion Alley Mural Project regularly hosts community events to celebrate new CAMP murals by artists who share CAMP’s vision for social and economic justice. These works are often created in conjunction with community-based organizations partnering with CAMP to provide a platform in support of social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. CAMP also collaborates with community organizations to host events and performances.

Community Gatherings, Celebrations and Events in 2019 included:

Vigil for CAMP & Celebration of Community

CAMP co-directors Christopher Statton, Megan Wilson, and legislative aide Amy Beinart from Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s office

On September 21st CAMP hosted a Vigil & Celebration of Community on Clarion Alley. The event was a beautiful reflection of how our diverse communities can come together to support one another and honor a space and project that serves as a public commons, a community, and a tapestry of narratives told through the mural works of artists and organizations, representing many who have been marginalized, disenfranchised and often silenced.

The event began with a ceremonial blessing by Xitalli Aztec dancers.


Following the blessing, we heard from Sharif Zakout of the Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC) with Khalid from Arab Youth Organizing, trans-activist Shane Zaldiver, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Robert from HOMEY, Mike Reger from the DOPE Project, and Christopher Statton, co-director of CAMP.

Khalid from Arab Youth Organizing in front of “End Apartheid BDS” mural
photographs by Mehregan Pezeshki


In Honor Of Iran’s Prisoners of Conscience

In Honor of… is a multi-faceted project of art, literature, and performances, in remembrance of hundreds of men and women who have been taken as political prisoners in Iran in recent years. They have fought for social justice, civil liberties, and worker and environmental rights. Today, they are behind bars for wanting to speak freely, practice their faith peacefully, join a union, receive fair wages, or protect the environment. The Iranian regime, however, has continued to deny them this voice and freedom.

Celebrating In Honor of …, a new mural that features seven women who are currently in prison in Iran. They are all strong advocates of various civil rights movements, including freedom of religion, workers’ rights, women’s rights, environmental rights, etc.

On October 6, 2019 our mural unveiling and community event included:

  • Introduction of Clarion Alley by Megan Wilson, CAMP co-director & Board President;
  • Introduction of In Honor Of … by Shaghayegh Cyrous, artist, curator and CAMP Board Member and Director of Programming;
  • Introduction of Iran Prison Atlas by Firuzeh Mahmoudi, Executive Director of United for Iran;
  • Presentation by Sahar Delijani author of CHILDREN OF THE JACARANDA TREE;
  • Reading by Niknaz Aftahi, Design Professional and Human Rights Activist
  • Introduction of Diaspora Art Connection (DAC) and Musicians by Nazy Kaviani, founder and Executive Director of DAC;
  • Music by Adrienne Mehri Shamszad and PENTA Group;
  • Performance by Baharak Khaleghi and Behnaz Khaleghi;
    Augmented Reality “Bahar” by Snuggle for Survival;

Every Wednesday in the month of October, 2019 there will be a performance by Mehregan Pezeshkiin front of the mural.

Sponsors of CAMP’s In Honor Of … mural project
United for Iran
The Zellerbach Family

Photographs by Mehregan Pezeshki


In Honor Of  … at Co-Presenter Artists Television Access (ATA)

Window Installations:
The window of ATA will be activated weekly by artists, writers, and activists with installations and performances telling the stories of their or their loved ones’ imprisonment.

The program includes:
First Week, (October 1-7)
Mehregan Pezeshki
Second Week: (October 8-15)
Naz Khorram
Third Week: (October 16-22)
Snuggle for Survival
Fourth Week: (October 23-31)
Sholeh .A., Shaghayegh Cyrous, Sahar Delijani

October 6, Opening Reception, Performance by Sholeh .A. 6:00 pm
October 11, Film Screening by Pantea Bahrami, 7:00 pm
October 20, Video by Vahid Zamani, performances, 7:00 pm
October 30, Book reading: CHILDREN OF THE JACARANDA TREE by Sahar Delijaniin conversation with Megan Wilson, 7:00 pm

Sponsors of the ATA In Honor Of … Installations
Zellerbach Family Foundation

Window: Mehregan Pezeshki
Sound Performance: Sholeh A.

Inside Gallery Installation: Keyvan Shovir
Window Installation: Naz Khorram
Film: “And In Love I Live”, 2008, Concept, Director and Editor Documentary PanteA Bahrami