Clarion Alley Block Party

Christopher Statton, ‘A Voice of Resistance – 22 Years,’ 2014


Since 1998 CAMP has hosted an annual DIY block party in October

Organized without corporate sponsorship, the event features live music, street performance, film and video projections, children’s activities and surprises to benefit the neighborhood-based, volunteer-run Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP). The party attracts over a thousand people each year to our tiny little alley and has been acclaimed the party of the year by many in attendance.

Clarion Alley resident Kate Ellis initiated the Block Party in 1998; organizers over the years have also included: Aaron Noble, Rigo 23, Marisa Hernandez, Jenn Bowman, Maya Hayuk, Stina Peek,  Diego Diaz, Marc Heffels, Jonathan Parra, Megan Wilson, Kevin Kasche, Andrew Schoultz, Jen Giloman, Sebastiana Pastor, Sarita Ahuja, Buck Austin, Marisa Jahn, Steve Shada, Lucena Valle, Ivy Jeanne McClelland, Jet Martinez, Antonio Roman-Alcala, Daniel Doherty, Ania Wasiutynski, Christopher Statton, Mike Reger, José V. Guerra Awe, Jamila Keba, Jean Yaste, and Erin Amelia Ruch.

Bands over the years have included: Fuso, The New Lows, Lessicks Kids, She-Mob, Run the Voodoo Down, Aerosol Species, Human Beans, Pacific Airport Shuffle, The Chantigs, The Knittles, The Deepthroats, 50 Million, Yoghurt, Handmaiden America, Crackstem Rose, Captured by Robots, The Boy, Orson Maqillani, La Kookas, Hellaphonic, Downriver, Brian Leese, Schmooge, Touched By A Janitor, Condor, Zmrzlina, Caesura, the Kirby Grips, Kung Fu U.S.A., The Clap Band, Liza Wakeman, Sounchaser, Shotwell, Chiavajina, The Quails, Ral Rartha, Corsciana, Fort Eerie, Kobald, Pepito, Shallows, Stacy Twigg, Night of Serious Drinking, Zod, Elitrea & Kali, Dealership, Sacrilicious, Coachwhip, Fluff Girl, Allergic to Bullshit, Black Panther Fugitives, Children of Paradise, Confident, DJ Zeph, Flush, Green Leaf Trio, La Plebe, Lake Superior, Marginal Prophets, No Radio, PAS y Miel, Ppavarttana, Pussy Machine, Social Pig, The Subtractions, This Bike is a Pipebomb, Two Gallants Vomica, Tincture, Arthur Manley, Bodysuit, Sweet Bones, Jeremy Dalmas, Ornithology, Dirty Marquee, The Aimless Never Miss, Conspiracy of Beards, Onion Flavored Rings, The Translators, Kreamy Lectric Santa, Mercury, Trouble, Fleabag, Quite Polite, Grass Window, Manhaterrr, NRSZ, Didi Mao, New Thrill Parade, Murder of Crows, Maxirad, Thrips, Flood, Floating Corpses, Trainwreck Riders, Black Rainbow, Nanash 774, Nasty Christmas, Jimmy Shotwell, Saint Lorena & Still Suit, Erick & Ivy, Severance Package, Endemics, Afrolicious, Moira Scar, Brass Liberation Orchestra, Black Swans, Night Call, Rabbles, Apogee Sound Club, Grandma’s Boyfriend, Empty Rooms, Ass Assins, Future Twin, Garden Party, The Slurs, The Yes Gos, Dance Company, High Anxiety, Hornss, General Hospital, Jungle Cat, Bande Sin Nombe, Tall Girl, Julian Kud Gharma, Windham Flat, Secret Secretaries, Death Cheetah, Devotionals, CCR Headcleaner, James Abel & Ancizar, Mayya And The Revolutionary Hell Yeah, Crash And Burn, Younger Lovers, Old Pal, Curtain Burners, Diamond Lung, Grand Killa Con, Hip Hop For Change, Jon Ginoli (of Pansy Division), Drkmtrls, Ancient Wing, Hazy Loper, Iamknow1, Teenage Sex, Daisy World, Skin Deep, Dioretix, Hazzard’s Cure, Street Eaters, Voided Social Contract, Space Toilet, Matt And Paul Magic, Black Plate (ex-tina Age 13), Basementals, Family Grieves, Sirena Victima, The Cherries, Inverts, Captured! By Robots, Grand Invincible, Equipto w/Double U and Dj True Justice, Mike Carlson, John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees), My Name is Joe, Vollmer, Undo, Fleshies, Butanna, Diesel Dudes, Isotope, Bummer.

DJs have included: Chavo, Funky JP, Bad Motivator, Cycloman, Paz 38, EVOL, Hen 10, DJ Peace, Jorge, Funky J Vibe, I.G. 88, FJV, Dmadix, Ryuta, Ultra 7, Laird, Nero, CUBA & D8, Bside Brujas, Centipede, Txutxo, Saiman, Mechanix.

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