Little Roxie Murals (2012)

Little Roxie sign by Morgan Peirce, 2008



As part of our 20th Anniversary in 2012 Clarion Alley Mural Project partnered with the Roxie Theater, the oldest continuously-running movie theater in San Francisco.  CAMP artists Ezra Eismont & Bunnie Reiss,  Jet Martinez, Kelly Ording, Stev Sechovec, Megan Wilson, and Danny Gotimer painted permanent murals in the Little Roxie’s lobby and bathrooms; and Daniel Doherty and Rigo 23 created a window installation that was up for October/November 2012. Additionally, the Roxie hosted an evening of shorts from CAMP over the previous 20 years, including early footage from the first year of CAMP, filmed by Fiona O’Connor, narrated by Rigo 23.

Ezra Eismont & Bunnie Reiss:

Jet Martinez:

Kelly Ording:


Stev Sechovec:


Megan Wilson:


Danny Gotimer: