Bangkit/Arise – Yogyakarta / San Francisco (2018 – 2022)

Bangkit/Arise, Campus of Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta Indonesia, 2018



In 2018, following 2 years of planning and development CAMP, in conjunction with our community partners and artists in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and our institutional partner the Asian Art Museum, launched the international exchange and residency Bangkit/Arise.

Bangkit/Arise is designed to foster discussions, understanding, and action on critical social/political issues facing our global and local communities today using art as a point of departure. Subjects being addressed include:

  1. Community-driven development and the role of art in supporting Civic Design through:
    • Creating a culture of creativity;
    • Ensuring community members who are often marginalized and disenfranchised are represented and heard;
    • Placemaking;
    • Community building and networking;
    • The engagement of residents and visitors/tourists; and
    • Economic growth and livelihood – the creative economy;
  1. The role of the public commons;
  2. Environmentalism and the critical need for a call to action;
  3. Current geopolitical divisions, xenophobia and how we envision a world rooted in social justice, equity, and collaboration;
  4. The need for radical inclusion and understanding differences and similarities as a means of strength and the goal of collectively dismantling local and global inequities/oppression.

Bangkit/Arise is also one of the first international exchange & residencies in the Bay Area designed to include families.

Additionally, a 250-page, full-color bilingual book documenting the project and including essays by participants and cultural critics from both countries is being underwritten by the Asian Art Museum and published in 2021.



In July/August 2018 five of the artists from the SF/Bay Area – Kelly Ording, Jet Martinez, Jose Guerra, Christopher Statton and Megan Wilson arrived in Yogyakarta to spend 5 – 7 weeks as part of the residency exchange. Unfortunately because of greater geopolitical circumstances, two of the Bay Area artists – Shaghayegh Cyrous and Keyvan Shovir were unable travel and be a part of the first phase of the exchange; however, they have now received citizenship and we will be returning to Yogyakarta in summer 2021 for the next phase.

The Yogyakarta phase of Bangkit/Arise 2018 focused on working with the community of Panggungharjo, a village in the south of Yogyakarta that includes the Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (ISI). As part of our commitment to the guiding principles that were identified in the project’s development, the San Francisco/Bay Area artists met with Pak Wahyudi Anggoro Hadi, Mayor of Desa Panggungharjo to learn more about the structure and vision of the village. All of the artists from San Francisco/Bay Area and Yogyakarta that attended were impressed and inspired by the Mayor, the vision of the community and what the village has accomplished.

Our work to date with the communities in Panggungharjo has included:

• Meeting with the dean and department head of fine art at ISI, the Institute of Art Indonesia;
• The creation of 12 murals;
• Working with Diff Com – the differently-abled and friends community of Kampung Dolanan to create a mural and present Wayang Polah, a shadow puppet performance in the outdoor community center, using the mural as a backdrop;
• Collaboration with the band Not Biru to help support their first CD release, Eksplorasi. Not Biru is an acoustic folk band formed by members of Diff Com. The release was in conjunction with Wayang Polah as a fundraiser for those on Lombok affected by the earthquake in early August;
• A workshop on social/political public messaging at the ISI campus; and
• cultural outings together every week.

Check out the video of Yogyakarta phase:

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On September 3, 2018 six of the Yogyakarta artists – Nano Warsono, Bambang Toko, Ucup, Wedhar Riyadi, Vina Puspita and Harind Ndarvati arrived in San Francisco to spend 8 weeks in the Bay Area getting to work collectively with our communities here.

The San Francisco phase of Bangkit/Arise 2018 focused on working with CAMP’s institutional and community partners: the Asian Art Museum, Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC), South of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN), the Poster Syndicate, Art Forces, and the Coalition On Homelessness.

Our work to date with the communities in San Francisco has included:

• Printed posters with the Poster Syndicate for the national climate march on September 20, and with the Coalition On Homelessness in support of Proposition C as part of Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin neighborhood;
• Created three new murals on Clarion Alley: 1) Ho, which means the beginning of everything in Javanese and features the characters Semar and Togog that reprsent the balance of good and evil; 2) Bangkit Palestina a memorial mural in honor of the 166 (to date at the time) Palestinians killed by the State of Israel since The Great March of Return protests began on March 30, 2018 in the Gaza Strip. Bangkit/Arise stands in solidarity with Palestinians for peace, justice, and the right of return to their homeland. Palestine was the first country to recognize Indonesia as a sovereign nation in 1945; 3) End Apartheid BDS, also in solidarity with Palestinians and support for non-violent protest and action to end apartheid in Israel.
• Painted six mural panels at the Asian Art Museum as part of the Artists’ Village Corner in the Civic Center Commons;
• Traveled to Los Angeles to visit and paint a mural at the Indonesian Embassy;
• Painted a new mural in SoMa that highlights and honors the many cultures in the community, using flowers as a symbol of peace and solidarity;
• Gave presentations, panel discussions, and workshops at: 1) the Asian Art Museum; 2) San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), and UC Berkeley;
• Visited: 1) Facebook’s headquarters for a tour of its arts program, 2) Bay Area arts institutions; 3) Green Gulch in Marin; and the Oakland Rose Garden;
• Participated in the Indigenous People’s Day Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz; the Balmy Alley Block Party, International Solidarity with Palestine: Celebration of 3 Murals and Our Communities; and the 73rd year of Independence for Indonesia celebration with the Consulate General of Indonesia San Francisco; and
• Spent lots of time celebrating and sharing experiences with new and old friends and family over breakfasts, lunches, dinners, teas, and time on Clarion Alley and at the Asian Art Museum.

Checkout the interviews with the artists from Indonesia conducted with the Asian Art Museum:

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Bambang Toko:

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And it is all of these experiences – the challenges and the successes – that make exchanges and residencies like Bangkit/Arise so important – to be able to share and learn from one another and our collective communities