Sama-Sama/Together San Francisco

Apotik Komik artists arrived at SFO International Airport on September 2, 2003. Following their arrival, all of the project artists collaborated on an exhibition at Intersection for the Arts that opened on September 10th and was up through October 25th. Intersection also hosted events at the gallery every Saturday afternoon throughout the exhibition;.

Similar to Apotik Komik’s preparation in Yogya, CAMP and the San Francisco artists worked to deepen community relationships with selected sites and secure wall space for Apotik to create murals in San Francisco. These spaces included Southern Exposure Gallery at 17th and Alabama Streets, Le Beau Nob Hill Market at Clay and Leavenworth Streets and Rainbow Grocery at Folsom and Division. Like the San Francisco artists, the design of the murals was left to Apotik Komik. However, unlike the San Francisco artists, the Apotik Komik artists chose to collaborate with each other on all of the murals produced. Samuel Indratama and Arie Dyanto collaborated on the fence outside of Southern Exposure. Nano Warsono and Arya Panjalu collaborated on the entire facade of Le Beau Nob Hill Market. All of the artists, including the San Francisco artists contributed to the wall on Rainbow Grocery.

Nano Warsono, Arya Panjalu, “Cold,” 2003


Samuel Indratma, Arie Dyanto, “In Money We Trust,” 2003


“Sama-Sama/Together,” 2003


Exhibition at Intersection for the Arts, September 10 – October 25, 2003:


Community Events: