Introducing Adrian Arias – Manifest Differently Artist

Adrian Arias is a visual artist, poet, performer, curator, activist, and cultural promoter, who brings together multidisciplinary artists to engage in community projects with messages of social justice, racial equality, climate change, peace, beauty, health, and hope in the San Francisco Bay Area. Arias is one of the founders and creators of MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project), and creator of festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area, such as VideoFest, Luna Negra, and ILLUSION shows in San Francisco.

Adrian uses his dreams as creative initiatives, which he makes come true in performances and community projects, such as his multimedia shows called DREAMS, or most currently, Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution, where 23 visual artists and 34 poets from the SF Bay Area have participated.



Led by Clarion Alley Mural ProjectManifest Differently, a new project developed by Megan Wilson and Kim Shuck. Over the next year, 2023/24, we’ll be working together with 38 diverse, multigenerational visual/media artists and poets to interrogate the history of Manifest Destiny and its legacies of inherited and perpetuated violence, trauma, and addiction. The outgrowth of resistance and resilience – giving fire to movements for social/ culture change.
The project will be presented in 2023/24 at three locations – Clarion Alley, Artists’ Television Access (ATA), and Minnesota Street Project.