The Deck Is Stacked – Vote No On Prop Q

CAMP, Ryan Harrison, SF Poster Syndicate






Without input from homeless people or the broader homeless and service providers community, Supervisors Farrell and Wiener, funded in large part by billionaires Sequoia Capital chairman Michael Moritz, tech angel investor Ron Conway, and hedge-fund investor William Oberndorf, introduced last minute ballot measures deceptively named “housing not tents” and “Neighborhood Policing” that would single-handedly undermine the Mayor’s highly anticipated Department of Homelessness’ efforts and visions. According to Jennifer Friedenbach of the Coalition on Homelessness, “Prop Q and R do not create additional housing or beds—they simply continue the status quo, by shuffling people from block to block after the meager offer of one night in shelter. San Francisco currently has multiple year waits for public housing, and over 800 people are languishing on the shelter waitlist today alone. Homeless Campers have nowhere to go, and without housing, Prop Q will fail miserably”

Image design by Ryan Harrison and The SF Poster Syndicate. Painted by CAMP and The SF Poster Syndicate.