Reclaiming Our Space (ROSE) visits CAMP

CAMP gave our community partner SOMCAN’s (South of Market Community Action Network) Youth Summer Program ROSE (Reclaiming Our Space) a tour on June 24th to share our work and the stories within our murals. The youth were able to meet some of the residents and artists living and working on the alley, as well as witness a situation that was a perfect example of how a longtime community space can collide with outside forces that feel entitled to come in and try to claim it as their own – and how the established community worked together to RECLAIM THE SPACE.

ROSE combines art and design with community planning to organize, empower, and strengthen the SOMA community, especially immigrant and working class youth, families and seniors. By reclaiming space through art and community-defined planning and development, land is reclaimed by and for the working class in SOMA.

You can learn more about ROSE and the awesome work the youth have been doing at –