Resilience of Poppies

Great event on Saturday, April 15, 2023 for Resilience of Poppies / Women Life Freedom!

Deep gratitude for Katayoun Bahrami for her awesome work and vision curating and leading Resilience of Poppies, for the powerful work of artists/poets/organizers Persis Karim, Farnaz Zabetian, Badri Valian, Narges Poursadeqi, Aisan Hoss, Adrienne Shamszad-Manoukian, Megan Wilson, Bay Area 4 Iran, San Francisco Poster Syndicate, and for our co-presenters CCA Center for Art and Public Life, Diaspora Arts Connection, and San Francisco Grants for the Arts. Thank you all for your love, compassion, and commitment to women’s / human rights and justice.

Resilience of Poppies was a gathering, vigil, and memorial in support of the Iranian community and the ongoing global call demanding women’s/human rights in Iran, recently sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini by the state of Iran on September 16, 2022. We will hold a vigil/memorial for all the beautiful and fearless souls who have been killed in protests. Through a combination of new murals, live dance, musical performances, and poetry, this event tells the story of courageous survivors – men and women targeted by security forces during protests, who were targeted to be shot directly in the eyes, resulting in the blinding of many protesters. Resilience of Poppies is a narrative of those who have overcome tragedy and adversity.

Participants included:

Speakers:  Megan Wilson and Katayoun Bahrami

Poetry ReadingsPersis Karim and Farnaz Zabetian

New MuralsKatayoun Bahrami, and Megan Wilson

Dance Performances:  Aisan Hoss

Singing and Music PerformanceAdrienne Shamszad

Interactive Performance: Badri Valian

Interactive Video: Narges Poursadeqi

Live Printing: SF Poster Syndicate

In The Process by Aisan Hoss

Shahr Farang by Narges Poursadequi
The historical “Shahr Farang” was used for entertainment over 150 years ago in my country, Iran. People enjoyed watching photos and listening to stories of foreign places and their people. Poursadequi’s Shahr Farang is a player; it plays uncovered news from around the world, and it is currently featuring the new revolution in Iran.

Full Event: