And Still We Rise

England Hidalgo, Clarion Alley, Mission District, San Francisco, 2019


And Still We Rise is inspired by the farmworker movement of Filipinos and Latinos through Larry Itliong, Cesar Chaves (The United Farmworkers Movement) and the demographic of Filipino migrant laborers from the Iloco’s region in northern Luzon, Philippines.  This includes the first wave of “manongs” from Delano, CA, who originally came from the Iloco’s Region.  These early California laborers are the men who experienced miscegenation, alien land laws, oriental exclusions, and their struggles to establish a community from Delano, Salinas Valley throughout the land use/ eviction struggles that the same people experienced through the I-hotel within the urban renewal projects of San Francisco in Manilatown.  This mural documents and symbolizes the continuous struggle of California migrants from the early first wave (Delano and Salinas Valley) until today with the evictions in the Mission District and the SOMA within the current tech boom in the Bay Area.