Please join Clarion Alley Mural Project in collaboration with SOMA Pilipinas Filipino Cultural Heritage District, the SF African-American Arts and Cultural District, and SOMCAN to celebrate the new mural ‘Frisco Rise’ by Mary Claire Amable and Lorenzo Tamayo-Lee this coming Saturday, May 28, 1 -3pm.

The celebration will include performances by Darren Garza from Parangal Dance Company, Mavy-E, and DJ Jenset on slaps! Words from Eleanore Fernandez, Executive Director of Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Ericka Scott, Executive Director from SF African-American Arts and Cultural District, and Angelica Cabande, Organizational Director from SOMCAN! ❤
We’ll also have pancit, lumpia, and BBQ chicken from Irma’s Kitchen … yum, yum, yum !!!

About the mural:
At the height of Anti-Asian violence and the ongoing movement for Black liberation, Frisco Rise is a mural rooted in Black and Asian solidarity during San Francisco’s redevelopment era (1948 – 1973) and how these communities are staying resilient while still fighting current forms of redevelopment, known today as gentrification. It is a tribute piece to our ancestors who threw down for our communities in solidarity with one another and hopes to inspire upcoming generations to do the same.