This City Is Not For Sale

Ivy Jeanne McClelland, Clarion Alley, 2014

This City is not for Sale (painted in 2014). My mural is about Mission youth challenging the privatization of public space and the rapid gentrification of SF. The mural depicts the Mission Playground August 2014 incident where Drop Box and AirBnB 20 something primarily White employees attempted to kick the Latino neighborhood youth off of the soccer field waving a paper receipt of their reservation of the field for a $27 fee. The youth explained the long used 7 on 7 pickup system where the first team who scores gets use of the field but the adults quickly escalated to a confrontation that was captured on video by 20 year SF native resident Kai. In the video, the youth told the tech employees that the “Mission Playground is not for Sale”. The video went viral and served as a lightning rod for protests. Angry residents packed a Park and Rec commission hearing to demand the commission change the reservation policy at Mission Playground which they agreed to do. This exemplifies an important win for communities fighting to remain in the City.