Desa Panggungharjo!

Bangkit /Arise is building on and expanding the relationships that were initially developed through CAMP’s first San Francisco/Bay Area USA / Jogjakarta Indonesia public art and community exchange-residency SamaSama/Together that was launched in 2003.

In developing the framework for Bangkit/Arise project organizers Megan Wilson, Christopher Statton, Nano Warsono, and Farhansiki (Farhan was one of the original organizers, however, had to step back for personal reasons in 2017) created a set of guiding principles for the project:

  • Integrity
  • Quality of Process before Stress and Pressure of Aesthetic Outcomes
  • Community Input & Connection – Art in Public Space that is Inclusive and Thoughtful
  • Public Education and Communication
  • Learn about the Social Culture in the Communities We’re Working With
  • Staying True to Commitment of the Overall Project
  • Transparency

In addition, Bangkit/Arise is  one of the first international public arts exchanges and residencies in the San Francisco Bay Area developed to include and support families. We will be dedicating an entire feature on this part of the project in an upcoming post.


Bangkit/Arise Meeting with Pak Wahyudi Anggoro Hadi:

Bangkit/Arise artists Kelly Ording and Jet Martinez with their kids Violet and Lazlo with Pak Hadi outside of the offices of Desa Panggungharjo

The Yogyakarta phase of Bangkit/Arise is focused on working with the community of Panggungharjo, a village in the south of Yogyakarta that includes the Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (ISI) – ISI is Indonesia’s most prestigious art school.

As part of our commitment to the guiding principles that were identified in the project’s development, the San Francisco/Bay Area artists met with Pak Wahyudi Anggoro Hadi, Mayor of Desa Panggungharjo to learn more about the structure and vision of the village. All of the artists from San Francisco/Bay Area and Yogyakarta that attended were impressed and inspired by the Mayor, the vision of the community and what the village has accomplished; highlights include the eight areas of focus for Panggungharjo:

  • Governance
    • Transparency in governance
  • Education
    • One Family
    • Everyone is provided a free education
    • Emphasis on literacy
    • Insurance
    • Higher Education
  • Health
    • Free healthcare
    • Prenatal health program
  • Economic Resources
    • Land – Panggungharjo has a program to provide housing to all community members in the village that includes subsidized housing in exchange for work – 50% of the earnings goes into a fund that after five years is used to secure land/housing.
    • Technology
    • Kampung Mataraman Panggungharjo – the village restaurant and cultural center owned and operated by community members – co-op model
    • Program for recycling and collecting waste and re-using oil for bio-diesel
  • Security
    • Village mediation force – trained professionals to help resolve conflicts
  • Women’s Empowerment
    • Many Roles within community and home
    • Health Center
    • Education
    • Domestic waste management
    • Overseeing village co-op – includes restaurant that employees 47 members from marginalized backgrounds
  • Budgeting
    • Women
    • Education
    • Health
    • Good Governance
  • Village Cultural Engagement
    • Over 600 Cultural Possibilities
    • Heritage
    • Culinary
    • Traditional games
    • Craft
    • Performance

Additional information on Panggungharjo can be found at:
Pemerintah Desa Panggungharjo

The Yogyakarta team of Bangkit/Arise will be creating a short video, directed by Nano Warsono that highlights the operations and governance of Desa Panggungharjo to be presented to San Francisco’s Civic Center Commons Initiative and Public Realm Plan development committees and SF City Leaders to provide a model and example for healthy and inclusive civic planning.

The Yogyakarta artists will be working in the Civic Center/Tenderloin neighborhood during their residency in San Francisco.


Following the visits to the various walls, meetings with faculty members at ISI and the discussion with Pak Hadi, each of the artists selected a site to begin working at, with the possibility of multiple sites on the campus of ISI and other sites within desa Panggungharjo:

Jet Martinez:

Jet working on his mural at ISI

Jet’s first site is on the campus of the Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (ISI):

Megan Wilson:

Photographer/videographer CaCa (on the right) and her cousin Zita in front of Megan’s drawing at her site

Megan’s site is at a ceramics factory in Panggungharjo, near the Ring Road:

Christopher Statton:

Christopher’s site on the campus of ISI

Christopher’s site is a small building on the campus of ISI:

Kelly Ording:

Kelly and her artist/assistant Adhit in front of her finished mural at ISI

Kelly’s first site is on the exterior of a building on the campus of ISI:

Jose Guerra Awe:

Jose working on his mural inside ISI

Jose’s site is inside the ISI campus:


Meeting among Yogya organizers, artists, and artists’ assistants

As part of the process Nano has paired each of the San Francisco/Bay Area artists with an artist assistant to provide transportation and assistance at the site. In addition Nano has identified two photographers/videographers to document the process. The team includes:

Dabi Arnasa – paired with Christopher
Adhitya Prasetya – paired with Kelly
Siam Candra – paired with Jet
Mohammad Toyib – paired with Megan
Bobby – paired with Jose

Mumu Lemu – Photographer/videographer
Cha Cha Baininu – Photographer/videographer

Yogya artists, artist assistants, photographers & videographers meet the San Francisco/Bay Area artists


Allison Wyckoff, Associate Director, Public + Community Programs at the Asian Art Museum Arrives

Allison Wyckoff, Associate Director, Public + Community Programs for the Asian Art Museum with Nano Warsono, Deny, and Megan Wilson

In addition to supporting the Bangkit/Arise project and representing the Asian Art Museum as CAMP’s institutional partner for the project, Allison will be visiting artists’ studios and arts spaces in Yogyakarta. Welcome Allison and family: Armon, Sammi, and Hiero!


Update on SF/Bay Area Bangkit/Arise Artists Keyvan Shovir and Shaghayegh Cyrous:

After a series of follow-up communications with immigration attorneys, the artists and the organizers decided it was best to wait until Shaghayegh and Keyvan receive full American citizenship before traveling overseas given the current extremely punitive and anti-family immigration policies of the Trump administration. When the artists receive their citizenship, part two of the Yogyakarta residency will launch. In the meantime, the artists are continuing to work with the project and are part of Skype and streaming conferences.

Skype conference with artists Shaghayegh Cyrous and Keyvan Shovir and Bangkit/Arise organizers Megan Wilson and Christopher Statton of CAMP, and Allison Wyckoff of the Asian Art Museum