Welcome to CAMP’s new Social Media Team and Project – Beyond The Walls

CAMP is very excited to announce the launch of our new social media team, who will be running a series titled Beyond The Wall over the next several months, and possibly beyond.

Our team comes to us from Minerva Schools at KGI. Minerva’s education is experiential. It is focused on integrating students into cities and teaching students how to apply different skills in real life situations. In each student’s first year at Minerva they study courses such as Multimodal Communications through which they learn how to communicate messages effectively, and Complex Systems to study the complexities of how societies, organizations, and networks operate. During their four years at Minerva, they will be traveling to 7 different cities with a student body representing 60 countries. The emphasis on diversity gives these students a variety of perspectives and ideas.

Our new team includes:

Linnea Moritz:
“I am from the forests of Sweden, and I moved to Norway for two years to join a movement focused on using education as a force to unite people, nations and cultures. In Norway, I lived with people from 95 countries, and social justice issues remained a critical conversation topic throughout my stay. Coming to Minerva was a natural step for me, as I am very interested in learning more about how the world works.  I am interested in social entrepreneurship, empowerment, visual arts, marketing and education. People identify me as a social butterfly, since I can fully engage with the communities around me and because I have a lot of energy.

Experience: I founded a humanitarian organization when I was 16, which focused on raising awareness of the hygiene issues facing girls in East Africa. I created a painting series called The Right Solution to raise money for the organization. In Norway, I designed a fashion magazine with models from all different backgrounds. It not only led to empowerment of students around me but was also a successful marketing campaign for a charity auction. Currently, I work for Minerva as a community builder. I design university-wide events and create advertisements and hype-videos. Please refer to my attached resume for more info. My online portfolio is https://www.linneamoritz.com/ ”

Jasen Lo:
“I’m a Singaporean who grew up in Hong Kong. I’ve travelled quite a bit – I lived in Senegal for eight months, roamed Spain nomadically for three months and have been living in San Francisco for six months now. I love talking to people and telling their stories. It helps to be able to speak six languages and to have a curious, borderline nosy, spirit. 

Experiences – I have an extensive background in journalism and storytelling. I worked as a journalist in Singapore and founded an educational newspaper in Senegal. I was a media fellow for the organization that funded my stay in Senegal. I contribute to Minerva’s student newspaper. As a result of these experiences, I’m handy at interviewing people, photography, crafting or editing stories and managing social media.

Interests – I’m very passionate about using art, be it literature, film, physical or visual, to communicate critical political and social messages. I used writing and photography inspired from my time in Senegal to discuss themes of neo-colonialism, gender relations, voluntourism and racial dynamics. C.A.M.P is all about political art, which is right up my alley (ops, no pun intended).

Erin Doolittle:
“I’m Erin Doolittle, a native Californian from Redlands. My interests lie in art, music, and computational sciences. My artistic passions lie in cartooning and creative writing, and I am really interested in the incorporation of digital technology with artwork. I’m an active person, so I enjoy running around the city to explore and discover new things.

Experience: I have dabbled in journalism, web design, and video production in previous school projects and I have broad knowledge in the elements of art. I’ve worked as a swim coach and I’m currently working within Minerva’s admissions team as a student mentor. I have also worked with organizations as a volunteer to provide showers and meals to the homeless in my hometown.

Maria Gloveli:
“My name is Maria, I come from Moscow, Russia. My desire to explore different challenges the humanity is facing today brought me to Minerva 2 years ago, and I am blessed to be a student here today. I graduated from a drama and music schools, however, my passions lie mostly within the Business and Entrepreneurship areas. I am passionate about strategic consulting, management consulting, opening several businesses as well as applied problem solving and cognitive psychology. In my free time, I do a lot of sports from figure skating and triathlon to horse riding and weightlifting. I have a great sense of humor and enjoy helping others.

Experience: Last year I was working in the British Higher School of Art and Design in Russia as a Marketing and PR departments assistant. I was in charge of organizing different events for students and prospective applicants, as well as developing marketing strategies, interacting with clients and brainstorming new ways to improve students experience in the School itself. At Minerva, I work as an Admissions Processor, which involves a lot of data related tasks.

We look forward to working with Linnea, Jasen, Erin, and Maria – WELCOME! and THANK YOU!!! 

Beyond The Wall will launch this week!