The Wind In My Hair – Women! Life! Freedom!


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The Wind in My Hair


Presented by Clarion Alley Mural Project
in collaboration with CCA Center for the Arts and Public Life, ARTogether, and Diaspora Arts Connection

The Wind in My Hair

One Day Public event with New Murals, Live Performances, Poetry Readings, and Speakers to Show Our Community Solidarity with the Brave Women in Iran. 

This is a FREE event.

Date/Time:  Saturday, November 12,  2022; 12 noon – 2pm 

Place:  Clarion Alley Mural Project, Clarion Alley, (between 17th & 18th, and Mission & Valencia Streets), San Francisco, CA

The Wind In My Hair is an event organized by Katayoun Bahrami and presented by Clarion Alley Mural Project, in collaboration with CCA Center for the Art and Public Life, ARTogether, and Diaspora Arts Connection showcasing the Iranian community and their allies in the Bay Area and beyond to stand in solidarity with Iranian women and to call for the end of excessive violence against the protesters in Iran. The protests in Iran have deeply moved and shaken us all—some of us are directly affected; others stand in solid solidarity as allies. Together, we call on all communities to support human rights.  The project includes New Murals, Live Performances, Protest Voices, Poetry, and Santur Improvisations in Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA.

Participants include:

Speakers:  TBD

New Murals: Farnaz Zabetian, Keyvan Shovir, Katayoun Bahrami, and Megan Wilson

PerformancesSholeh Asgary, Katayoun Bahrami, Florencia Montefalcone, Mobina Nouri, Narges Pursadeqi, and Badri Valian.

Poetry Reading: Jasmin Darznik

Music: Nima Sepehr

Sound engineering: Micheal Mersereau


Clarion Alley Mural Project

Since 1992, Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) has worked to produce and support socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art, locally and globally as a grassroots artist-run organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District. CAMP is a community, a public space, and an organizing force that uses public art (murals, street art, performance, dance, posters, literary projects) as a means for supporting social, political, racial, and environmental justice storytelling and messaging. Over the past 30 years, CAMP has produced 900+ murals and visual arts projects and worked with 1,000+ artists, community-based organizations, and activists. In addition to works directly on Clarion Alley, CAMP has produced offsite projects in collaboration with community partners, including gallery exhibitions at The Lab, Southern Exposure, San Francisco Art Institute, Intersection for the Arts, 518 Valencia, and the Asian Art Museum; and two international exchange and residency projects with artist collectives and community-based organizations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2003 and 2018-present. CAMP receives over 200,000 visitors annually.

Center for Art and Public Life (CAPL)

The Center promotes positive social impact by cultivating and sustaining meaningful connections with CCA students, faculty, and members of Bay Area Communities and beyond to invest in creative practices that seek solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our times.


ARTogether’s mission is to provide art programs that foster compassionate communities where refugees and immigrants can flourish. ARTogether offers programs that reach out to refugees and immigrants, providing a welcoming, creative spaces for local refugees and immigrants to connect with their community. Our goal is to build communities and promote long-term prosperity for refugees and immigrants, even after assistance from initial government and NGO resettlement programs has ceased. For these programs, art is our social glue, its universality binding us all together. Art plays a special role in the refugee community. It invites conversation, laughter, storytelling and a sense of belonging. At the community level, it has a unique ability to bring people together, to draw together people from different backgrounds, and forge connections through creativity and self-expression. Finally, art transcends the spoken word, allowing people to communicate and express themselves without the burden of language barriers.

Diaspora Arts Connection

Diaspora Arts Connection is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that aims to foster deeper understanding and lasting connections among diverse cultural and ethnic groups within the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond through the organization of cultural and artistic events, as well as empowering artists whose circumstances make it difficult for them to express themselves and allowing them a platform for artistic expression.DAC further aims to help introduce new artists to local and international audiences; to help develop and improve audience appreciation of the arts in its constituent communities through conducting lectures, screenings, readings, and workshops; to produce events that foster a deeper understanding of different diasporic cultures within our communities, and to help artists from different parts of the world and cultures to collaborate and produce valuable artistic presentations.